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Nigeria Is The Most Corrupt Country In Africa – Islamic Scholar


Popular Australian islamic scholar, Imam Tawhidi, has described Nigeria as the most corrupt country in Africa.

In a series of tweets, he spoke about Boko Haram terrorists and how they were allegedly allowed to operate in their early days.

He wrote;

We have ignored Nigeria in the discussion about terrorism. Nigeria is the most corrupt country in Africa.

It is home to a terrorist government that harbours terrorists just like the government of Pakistan. Boko Haram were given the green light in their early stages. We Remember.

In another tweet, he wrote;

Now all of a sudden Nigeria wants to lead the war against terror. Indeed, “my enemy is also my sword, I shall use him to kill with and then break the sword”.

Mohammad Tawhidi is an Iran-born, Australia-based public figure of Iraqi origin. .

Imam Tawhidi holds several licences from the Islamic Seminaries of the Holy Cities of Qum (Iran) and Karbala (Iraq), and has achieved the status of a faith leader and Imam for the Muslim community.

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