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Lady stabbed to death on her birthday by her baby daddy over ‘romantic slap’ in Rivers State


A tragic incident which occurred today in Buguma area of Rivers State, claimed the life of a lady who reportedly gave her baby daddy a ‘romantic slap’ on her birthday.

According to reports, the baby daddy identified as Ibisaki Ikiriko didn’t even pay the lady’s bride price before the said incident occurred.

The deceased’s friend, Irreplaceable Daniela wrote;

My sister Desire Sokari West is gone..
God why???
I want to wake up from this dream

Ibisaki Ikiriko You have killed her on her own birthday
God will judge!
You haven’t even paid for her bride price
what will happen to the children 😭😭😭.
I don’t even know what to write/say anymore

God take charge!!!

You were celebrating just yesterday 😭😭😭😭😢.. am in shock! Someone should tell me it’s all joke😢😢😢 no one deserves to die like this😭😢
RIP Sis.. I just can’t bear this. Someone help!

A man who confirmed the report wrote;

I heard this sad news this morning and it is said to happen in Buguma where a man went in to rampage after a romantic slap and stabbed the mother of his own children to death on her birthday, he must be high on hard substance, people should check the mental health of those they’re going in to relationship with.

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