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“How I Was Beaten Up And Robbed By Okada Man In Lagos” – Lady Recounts


A Nigerian lady Amarachi Azubuike, has recounted her horrific ordeal at the hands of a motorcyclist a.k.a Okada man who robbed her and threatened to rape her along a lonely road in Lagos.

Sharing her experience , Amarachi said:

“I was on my way back from school as at 21st December, at oshodi express way.

“The hold up was much then I decided to enter a motorcycle not knowing the motorcycle I entered was an arm robber, we negotiated how much I would give to him and he agreed.

“Getting to a particularly spot, he told I should get down that it seem his motorcycle was faulty, me now poor girl, I just did as he said, I stood waiting for him to work on his motorcycle at the lonely road because it was already late.

“The next I saw was a gun pointed at my face telling me to bring my money, phone and my chain or he r*pes me. Immediately with fear I did, not just that, he had to punch me twice heavily on my eyes and nose.

“I fainted. My nostril was bleeding as well. I managed to open my eyes only for me to see myself on a motorcycle with a Good Samaritan that helped me to the clinic close by. I thank God for my life I wasn’t blind.”

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